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This paper is a research carried out in the development and construction of a system that adds intelligence to an ordinary Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). This system was developed to be usable in every household since the world is in the “Going-Green” phase. The system was developed using PIC18F4550 microcontroller, ACS712 current sensors, opto-coupled 5V four channel relay bank, 20*4 LCD module and buzzer. Four independent power sources were used in the project, and they were given priorities depending on special conditions which will be explained in detail in this paper. The power sources used are:- utility power, utility battery bank, generator and solar with its battery bank. The system was designed to monitor brownouts and blackouts, levels of battery banks, the size of load and the strength of solar power. From this data, the system decides when to switch to solar, even when utility power is available, for example when the load is less demanding and the level of solar backup bank is above 75%, the system safely switches to solar supply and keeps monitoring the load demand to switch back to utility whenever the power demand is high. The system also controls load priority, especially when there is only one supply remaining, for example when there is no utility power and only one backup power is available, when below 50%, the system disables other luxurious loads from getting power and prioritizes critical loads. The system is still in progress of development towards Internet of Things (IoT). developed by: Tafadzwa Mutsamba - Student at University of Zimbabwe Mentor: Engineer Innocent Mafusire - of KimTronix Global

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