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We are a Mobile App and PC Software Development Branch with years of experience and with extraordinary developers.

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About us

Kastle   is a branch of Kimtronix Global whose main focus is mobile and desktop application development.We love building and rebuilding apps through our specific skills of design and programming. Using colour, fonts, illustrations and lots of code, we brand applications on mobile phones in a way you will never forget.We develop both android and iOS apps, together with desktop applications for windows and MAC.


Our Services

This is a list of some of the services we offer as Kastle

Desktop Apps

Management apps on computers.

iOS Apps

Applications for your apple devices

Android Apps

Apps for your android devices.

Hyrid Apps

Apps compatible with android & iOS



This is the 21st century, and at any instance a person has to make sure they are close to their gadget, cellphones in particular. Mobile phones are now an integral part of human lives, with some people feeling like they can't live without them if l am to be extreme. Reason behind this dependence on phones, is that nowadays almost anything can be done from your phone. Ranging from banking, booking events, streaming, med care, telecommuting and much more.

All this is made possible through the various application softwares installed on the phones which gives them these various functions and capabilities. We are here to help you capitalize on this movement. If you have a service what better way to grow and expand than to make it into an app. Moving with the times helps your business grow as applications bring in convinience to users.

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