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About us

secureNet   is a branch of Kimtronix Global whose main focus is providing PC, cyber and network security.We offer protection and restriction of access to files and directories within a computer network against unauthorized access, system and file changes and hacking. We apply a series of protocols, software , hardware designed to restrict access to files and directories from unauthorized access while also protecting the useability and integrity of a network.
Active monitoring with network security prevents unauthorized access while targeting and protecting against a variety of threats from entering and spreading across a network.


Our Services

This is a list of some of the services we offer as secureNET

Data Loss Prevention

No more data loss to unathorized personnel.

Antivirus Software

Antimalware software to protect devices

Intrusion Prevention

Protection from unathorized access.

Firewalls & Email Security

Network protection using firewalls.

Our Approach


Following industry standards for IT security, we perform a comprehensive audit and assessment of IT systems. This data is aligned with each component and it's role in IT service delivery to quantify risk and design security solutions relative to the risk.We work with you to:
- Understand the organizations risk exposure
- Development of a complete security package that includes each component in the context of the system architecture
- Documenting a cost effective security strategy that aligns with the IT services
- Designing security soluitons for each component type and the overall system

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