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We are a Web Development Company with years of experience and with extraordinary developers.

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cosmikwebs   is a branch of Kimtronix Global whose main focus is website design and development.We love building and rebuilding brands through our specific skills of design. Using colour, fonts, and illustration, we brand companies on the internet in a way they will never forget.We also do hosting of the developed websites, together with domain registration.For any online searches, we perform Search Engine Optimisation such that your website is ranked first when searched for.


Our Services

This is a sneak preview of some of the services by the Kimtronix Web department.

Web Design

Encompasses website design, development together with maintenance and upgrades of outdated websites.

Web Hosting

We offer hosting services for developed websites.

Domain Registration

We register preffered domain names for your websites and web apps.

Search Engine Optimization

Let your website be ranked first when searched for on the various search engines available.


The online community is expanding,together with the appreciation of online activities by the general public, are increasing significantly on a daily basis.With the general populus now living off the internet, successful investments, business proposals and projects are web based. It is the 21stcentury and the internet is where the target population is largest.

If you are ready to take your small, medium and large business to the next level, it is highly advisable to adopt online marketing techniques. If you have awesome project idea, make it web based, you will definitely attract attention in this timeline. If you just want to advertise your personal self, have your own website, blog, online gallery, do not be left out. Reach every soul, out there irrespective of their geographical location, anywhere on this earth your business, your products and services will be known.



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